There are few things in the world that I enjoy more than a good Shark movie. The Shark, majestic, powerful and deadly. Far more terrifying than the Grizzly Bear, Killer Whale or rabies infected dog. Yes the shark knows how to get you when you are at your most vulnerable. The water is the Sharks domain and refrigerator. Enter at your own risk!

The year is 1975. The director is a young rising talent named Stephen Spielberg. The opening scene is classic and chilling. The era of the Shark has begun. With the launch of the Jaws franchise Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw took on a wild ride.  If you haven’t watched Jaws, I just don’t know what planet you come from, but take the time. The 90 minutes with enrich your life.

Deep Blue Sea. Deeper, Bluer, my hat is like a Shark Fin. I mean yes, this is truly a great addition to the Shark movie collection. Thomas Jane was an action stud, Samuel L. Jackson gave the best performance of his life that didn’t include the word Motherfucker, Saffron Burrows was on fire and the Sharks were genetically enhanced and vengeful. Nothing could be better. I give this movie and enthusiastic 2 thumbs up! Be on the look out for part 2.

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This page is dedicated to the greatest killer on the planet, The Shark.