Chupacabras Description: Newest of the Alien species, first seen in Varginha, Brazil @gm the early 90’s. Small tan coloured imp-like being, said to resemble the Devil and give off a strange ammonia smell. Glowing red eyes, 3  large horns on the head, said to drain its victim of blood. Many sightings in Central America. Said to be capable of flight!

These mad beasts terrorise Puerto Rico and surrounding islands. The “goatsuckers” have even been sighted in Mexico and Florida. Whether they’re aliens, biological experiments given free reign or a hitherto undiscovered.

The Chupacabras appear to be of relatively low intelligence, perhaps comparable to a dog. For this reason it is believed that they appearance on Earth was engineered by some more advanced species capable of inter planetary travel. For what purpose this creature was placed among the populace of Earth is unknown.