Craster is a very important character to understand if we’re going to look at the series of Game of Thrones. He is a very unique character not only because of what he does and the ramifications of that but also in terms of looking at his backstory. Craster is Born the son of a man of the Night’s Watch and a wildling woman. So apparently the father crafts Ventures off on the Nights Watch goes out finds his wildling woman has a passionate embrace with her and father this child. He goes on and leaves his woman and her wildly home and goes back to Castle black. The woman who remains unnamed comes to Castle black with the young craster and hand wanting to show the child to his father but she is turned away by than the men of the Night’s Watch.

So Craster goes on to have this unique relationship having alliances with both the men of the Night’s Watch and also the wildlings. We see that he has lots of respect for Lord Commander Mormont but he also seems to have that same level of respect for Mance Rayder. Unlike any other character in the story however Craster also has a relationship with The Others, who of course are the force behind the white walkers. What we know about Craster is that he has many wives and all of his wives bear him daughters who becomes his new wives the younger daughters bear children for him as well. He only has daughters with him at his keep all of which city has sex with.

So it leaves us to wonder what happens to all the male children that are born to Craster because none of his mail errors are ever shown at the keep and what we find out is that Craster is taking the male children as soon as they’re born and taking them into the forest as sacrifices to the others. I think it’s important to know that we have to look for Crasters legacy down the road in the story as he was feeding a lot of soldiers I’m going to assume to The Others who will eventually use those to overthrow the world of the living which is their goal.

Because Craster makes he sacrifices he actually never has to worry about the others in trees the others as anyone would treat their own God so these children these sons of his are sacrifices like any other person might make burnt sacrifices to their God or animal sacrifices to their God. Crafter is in a unique position in the sense that because of the location of his keep the Nights Watch Ken to need him a lot more than he needs them he doesn’t need them for protection he’s safe he has a good relationship with the Wild Wings to the Wild Wings also don’t raid his camp and the others don’t bother him so in his dealings even with Lord Mormont we see that he’s there a cantankerous man very cruel when he has an advantage he definitely presses it. The problem that he had is he felt so secure in his power that he never guessed that one of the nights Watch men would be so bold as to how to kill him. Now this is primarily because older generations of the Nights Watch were more nights a lot more honorable Man worth this stage of the Nights Watch you have a lot of things a lot of criminals a lot of rapists and that reflects and what their actions are when they overthrow Lord warm it and actually kill Lord Mormont and Craster. Craster’s legacy of course will live on.