12. Long Claw –

The Valerian Steel sword called Long Claw is the ancestral weapon of House Mormont, and was once the property of the fugitive Ser Jorah Mormont. When Jorah fled to the east, his father Jeor, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, assumed possession of it. Disgraced by his own son, the Lord Commander gifted it to his steward, a bastard named Jon Snow. While Longclaw isn’t magical, it is forged of Valyrian steel, a semi-mythical alloy whose secrets are lost to the past.

In the hands of the highly trained Jon Snow, Long Claw has proven to be a remarkably strong and efficient weapon. The hilt of the sword is carved in the image of a wolf, the sigil of House Stark. The sword originally had a bear for the House Mormont. After meeting Jorah Mormont face to face, Jon felt compelled return the weapon to him. Jorah refused the sword, siting his father’s wish that Jon bring honor to the blade.