Nagas, refered to to as the Reptoids, Reptiloids, or Reptons. Homo saurus, Lizard men, the large Nosed greys. They play a significant role in the religions and myths of India and Tibet. They are often subterrean species and in India and Tibet are often associated as demons.

Height : 7-8 feet tall
Skin: Scaly
Coloring: various, most often moldy green

After losing a battle for the surface of Earth, they were driven underground by a pre-Scandinavian race from the Gobi region.

Technology: Advanced
The Reptiods possess both aerial and space flight technology.

The Reptilians appeared at the birth of the Buddha.

The Ancient Well of Shesna in Benares, India is said to be an entrance to the Naga subterranean empire.

Reptillians are rumored to be shape shifters who use their ability to infiltrate human civilization and control key decision making positions.