Lies, tricks and other schemes. So it comes to me that we live in a world just sick with lies and misinformation. A lot of times from people that were supposed to be able to trust particularly our government and politicians. Now I know it’s laughable to suggest that we should be able to trust politicians however there was a time when we actually could.   

So today I’m talking about the dairy industry. Since I was a child everything about nutrition suggested that milk was an important part of any human’s normal diet. So we drink tons of cow’s milk we ate lots of cheese and yogurt and those type of things thinking that we need it this dairy in a vital way. But one day I realize that there are no adult animals on the planet that drink milk particular not the milk of another species. So humans literally are the only animals that drink another species milk. And it’s important to remember what milk is for in the eyes of nature. In the eyes of nature milk was developed to be a super food for baby cows. It is designed to allow them to put on massive amounts of weight very quickly so that they can grow up to be very healthy.

So why ask you why would the government feel the need to lie to me about Dairy right? well the only answer that I can come to is money that the beef industry the dairy industry early on bought themselves politician so for the rest of my life I can have to keep hearing about how milk does a body good. and that my friends is what I call some old bullshit.

Drink milk, they say, and thanks to the lactose, pus, blood, hormones, and other “unhealthy” substances it contains, you’ll be more likely to gain weight, weaken your bones, and even get cancer and die.