So this is space and of course this is space ology. And what does that mean it means basically observations of Earth from space my vantage point in space. To launch the equivalent of an Apollo Moon station a rocket on a super Earth would need to have a mass of 440 tons based on fuel requirements that’s only order of the mass of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Which of course we would call Kim it so what is new on the frontier of space? One more massive planets space flight would be exponentially more expensive set study author Michael hickle an independent researcher affiliated with some bird observatory in Germany. Such civilizations would not have satellite TV a moon mission or Hubble Telescope. But.

Also also we should take note that NASA’s top exoplanet satellite launched successfully Saturn played a part in the formation of Jupiter’s four largest moons and the Senate finally confirms a new NASA Administration they were just some of the top stories from this week so you can definitely check that out please.

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