4. Stormbringer

Stormbringer is wielded by Elric, the doomed emperor of the decadent city-state, Melnibone. No common sword, Stormbringer was forged by the powers of Chaos. The vampiric blade consumes the souls of those it slays, passing some of their vitality on to the sickly albino Elric. He is addicted to the energy that the sword supplies, and like any addiction, Stormbringer ultimately destroys him.

Stormbringer, also called the Black Blade, the Black Sword, and the Stealer of Souls, is a legendary soul-devouring runesword carried by Elric of Melniboné. Stormbringer is fully sentient and has a malicious will of its own. It is one of two Black Swords in Elric’s World, the other being Mournblade.

Stormbringer is a huge, finely-wrought zweihänder runesword, with a blade at least five feet long from the hilt. The hilt itself is embedded with a large spherical ruby that often looks like an eye in official artwork. The blade is made entirely from an unearthly, vaguely flesh-like black metal, and is etched with mysterious runes so ancient that even Elric lacks the knowledge to decipher them. The runes can sometimes be seen to glow and change colour, cycling from red and purple to blue. The blade is often wreathed in black light and dark fire, and it screams in battle. Any being slain with Stormbringer will have his or her soul leeched out of them.


Perhaps the most unsettling aspect of Stormbringer is the fact that it is alive and self-aware. The sword can be quite vocal, screaming, grumbling, howling, murmuring, moaning, and even singing at times. It is capable of slaying even gods, though it has an uncanny taste for the souls of Elric’s loved ones.