15-  Beatrix Kidd’s Sword   the only sword Hattori Hanzō made after his retirement and supposedly the greatest samurai sword ever forged.  The sword killed over 40 individuals.

The Bride

Popularly known as “The Bride” Beatrix Kidd is the brain child of film director Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown). And is perhaps his most exciting film. The Bride after waking from

Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo – Sword Maker

many year coma seeks revenge against her. She travel from the United State to Japan to please her case to Hattori Hanzo. Hattori Hanzo is Japan’s most famous sword maker. He agrees to make a final sword for her, one which he calls his greatest creation. With the Hattori Hanzo sword in hand the highly skilled and motivated assassin confidently stalks and defeats each member of her now defunct assassins den.

The best scene in the movie comes when she tracks Oren Ishii to a local bar and comes to confront her.

Oren Ishii

Oren Ishii

Oren by this time is a very powerful figure in the Japanese crime world and boost a large and devoted crew of killer at her fingertips. The Crazy 88 are willing to kill or die for their mistress and in the end The Bride slays more of them then we can count on her way to detaching Oren’s skull  after breaking her own Hattori Hanzo sword.