10. Blade’s Sword

10. Blade’s Sword a specially designed titanium blade with acid etching. It consists of a straight, double-edged blade similar to that of a longsword, terminating in a metal hilt designed around the aesthetics of South East Asian swords. Hidden within the hilt is a security device consisting of a quartet of small retracted blades, spaced equidistantly around the grip, that spring out to severely maim any hand gripping it if the device is not disabled.

Specially tempered titanium, acid etched, with a soft steel core according to the Makuri Forging technique. This composite alloy makes it lighter, more resilient and perfectly balanced with a slight curve formed during the hardening process, this is to give it the the comprehensive strength it needed.

 Titanium has been chosen as the outer layer to prevent constant maintenance, for it does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does, and because it is lighter and stronger