Top 10 Scifi Queens Linda Hamilton – Coming in at number 7 is the great Linda Hamilton. She is best know for Sarah Connor her work on Beauty and the Beast and later as the initial Sarah Conner in the Terminator franchise.

Linda Carroll Hamilton (born September 26, 1956) is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Sarah Connor in The Terminator film series and Catherine Chandler in the television series Beauty and the Beast (1987-1990), for which she was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy Award. She also starred as Vicky in the horror film Children of the Corn.

And of course she played a great role in “King Kong lives” in 1986

Obviously anyone who can name Children on the Corn, The Terminator and Beauty and the Beast on their resume is going to get some serious consideration. What I most like about her portrayal of Sarah Connor was the progression from a mild meek waitress into the ferocious and calculating later version.

In some ways she redefined the female action hero. We got to watch her become harder and stronger over a number of films. Sarah remains a mother throughout.

“Watching John with the machine, it was suddenly so clear. The Terminator would never stop, it would never leave him. And it would never hurt him, never shout at him or get drunk and hit him or say it was too busy to spend time with him. It would always be there and it would die to protect him. Of all the would-be fathers who came and went over the years, this thing, this machine was the only one who measured up. In an insane world, it was the sanest choice.”

“It’s like a giant strobe light, burning right through my eyes, but somehow I can still see. Oh, God. Look, you know the dream’s the same every night, why do I have to–? The children look like burnt paper, black, not moving. And then, the blast wave hits them and they fly apart like leaves. It’s not a dream, you moron. It’s real. I know the date it happens! On August 29th, 1997, it’s gonna feel pretty ****ing real to you, too! Anybody not wearing two million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day, get it?! You think you’re safe and alive? You’re already dead! Everybody! Him, you, you’re dead already! This whole place! Everything you see is gone! You’re the one living in a ****ing dream, Silberman! Because I know it happens! It happens!!”