What is the Force. The Force, also known as the Ashla, to the Lasats, It, to the dianoga Omi, and the Third Sight, to the Chiss, is an energy field that is connected to everything in the universe. What is the Force? The Force is generated by all living entities, and therefore, resides in all lifeforms. It is especially powerful in a select group of individuals who are born with a high concentration of midi-chlorians, microscopic, sentient lifeforms that share a symbiotic relationship with the Force, in their blood. These people were deemed Force-sensitive, making them capable of harnessing the various powers of the Force.

Apart from its scientific aspect, the Force was the basis of various religious organizations such as the Church of the Force, the Guardians of the Whills, and most notably the Jed eye,  Order, and the Sith Order. In addition, the Lasats believed that the Force was the “spirit” of the galaxy.

The Force as a recorded concept existed for well over twenty-five thousand years. There are multiple aspects of the Force. The Living Force is fueled by the energies of all lifeforms and, in turn, fed into the Cosmic Force, the Force that binds everything together and communicates through the midi-chlorians. A certain aspect of the Force was referred to as stonepower; its power was derived from a blue stone imbued with the Living Force.

The Jedi Order followed a code of selflessness and service to others; therefore, they adhered to the light side of the Force. Their adversaries, the Sith, coveted strength and power through the dark side of the Force. Their opposing philosophies led to millennia of conflict between the two orders, and ultimately resulted in the extinction of the Sith and the near annihilation of the Jedi.

What is the Force Usage of the Force grants a number of useful powers, such as the ability to sense impending attacks;  to push, lift, and otherwise manipulate physical objects; to influence the minds of others; to  induce sleep; and even see the future or maintain one’s consciousness after death.  A powerful Force-sensitive individual could conjure lightning from their hands and fingers. The Jedi taught younglings that the Force could be used for many purposes, including protection, persuasion, wisdom, the manipulation of matter and the performance of great physical feats.