What is the Necronomicon? The Necronomicon, or Necronomicon Ex-Mortis,  “The Book of the Dead” and “Naturom Demonto”) is an ancient book that contains spells and rituals of incredible power. The author is Arab Abdul of  Damascus who was also known as Rhazes. Arab Abdul Alhazred, perished in A.D. 738 after being eaten by one or more invisible monsters.

It has power to harness the Kandarian Demon’s ability to control both the dead and Deadites, as well as summon the Kandarian Demon itself.

The book itself  formed of the flesh of the ‘Damned Ones’, created for use primarily as a weapon against humanity. The passages and spells within the book were inked in human blood, the most significant of which was designed to open a portal to the underworld so the Kandarian Demon and its deadite minions were then able to enter Earth and become the conjuror’s minions.


This book contains not only spells but also hidden or lost information and this and worlds beyond.

A section that mentions creatures beyond the threshold of space such as the Tomb Herd.

A description of the powers the Other Name of Azathoth gives to a  wielder. Does not contain the name itself.

Information on the Gulf of S’glhuo another dimension that only exists in our dimension as sound.

A chapter on a complicated and lengthy process capable of resurrecting the dead.

An incantation of Vach-Viraj, used against Nyogtha.

A formula for temporarily banishing manifestations of Ahtu.

A ritual accelerating the transformation from Human into Deep One.

Page 984 contains a passage in the Naacal, no translation is given

The Voorish sign.

The Mao ceremony.

Copy of arcane symbols.

The story of Kish and Sarnath.

The original Arabian text contains an exorcism not reproduced inside the Latin Wormius version.

The Zoan Chant; a spell for reflected harmful powers sent against the caster.

Stories about a Ghoul who traveled the Earth fullfilling the orders of an unknown master

A formula for Mind Transference.

Instructions on how to make the Powder of Ibn Ghazi with has the power to reveal the other gods.

How to create a portal to Nyaralathotep.

A footnote containing an untitled formula capable of opening a gateway to Cthugha.

A passage about the Crawling Ones and the Green Flame Tulzscha.

Page 751 contains a long chant capable of summoning Yog-Sothoth if used at the right time .

Information on the Black Pharaoh Nephren-Ka.

A large amount of information on the Antarctic Elder Things.

Information on an ancient aquatic race Alhazred terms the Dwellers in the Depths.

Page 224 contains the Hoy-Dhin Chant.

Instructions on how to destroy an egg of Yig using a combination of musical notes.

An illustration of the Furnace of Nug.

A prophecy foretelling the rebirth of the high priest Nophru-Ka.

A chapter on ‘Umr At-Tawil and the ultimate gate.

A spell to send back Bugg-Shash to its dimension.

Information on Yomagn’tho.

Possibly the solution for telepathy.