Who are the Kree

The Kree are a scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic race of mostly blue-skinned humanoids from the planet Hala. One of the most technologically efficient races in the galaxy,  . Created theg and are known to the people of Earth as the progenitors of the Inhumans. They are a powerful force in the galaxy that control a vast empire characterized by its militaristic lifestyle, advanced technology, and arrogance.

The Kree are a humanoid race who follow a strict, militaristic lifestyle. They are the rulers of the Kree Empire, a large, interstellar imperial group that encompasses various planets, and features the Sakaaran species as a client race. They are one of the many races encountered by the Asgardians in the Nine Realms and the worlds beyond Yggdrasil. Their relationship with the Asgardians is frosty at best, as the Asgardians see the Kree as deceitful and savage.  The Nova Empire, another galactic group that live in the same borders as the Kree Empire, also have a strained relationship with the Kree, as evidenced by the great war that had been waged between the two factions for hundreds of decades.

Kree History: In their early history the Kree were a primative species sharing a planet with a plant like species called the Cotati who were peaceful. The Skrull, looking to expand their fledgling empire landed on the planet looking for lifeforms worthy of an alliance. They gave the two species a test to build a creation to impress the Skrulls. The Kree built a complex city while the Cotati grew an elaborate garden. The SKrulls prefered the Cotati contribution.

The war like Kree grew enraged and killed all the cotati and the Skrull visitors. Over the next several decades they reverse engineered and mastered the Skrull technology. They build a vast armada and without warning attack the Skrull homeworld. This war has waged for hundreds of years with neither gaining an advantage over the other.

The Kree are humanoid in nature with blue to purplish skin. They are stronger than their human counterparts, most comparable to an Asgardian. They possess superhuman speed and reflexes. Denser skin with increase muscles flexibility gives the Kree endurance, durability, and stamina– twice the level of humans. They also have “duplicates” of several internal organs, and usually require more nitrogen to breathe comfortably on earth.[

The Kree can live for several thousand years naturally and even longer using their advanced technology.

Type of Government: Military-Technocratic Dictatorship Empire.
Level of Technology: Advanced: Advanced warp-drive starships, robots, cyborg, and cybernetic technology, genetic engineering, psionic technology, energy weaponry, and battlesuits.

Barristan Selmy is among the most distinguish knight in the Seven Kingdoms. He served as the Lord Commander of the Kings Guard for Aegon Targaryen, and Robert Baratheon before being dismissed by Joffery Baratheon.

He would dedicate himself to Daenerys Targaryen and serve on her Queens Guard and personal council.